Best Modes of Transportation in Provo

Despite being a mid-sized university town, getting around Provo, Utah can still take some planning. Transportation in this city is largely determined by a person’s physical capability, primary need for transportation and desired destination.

Much of the commercial, social and service interests are located within walking distance of the BYU district. Healthy people will find that walking and self-propelled modes are best, even during the winter months. BYU has a few small transit contracts, but they are mainly reserved for residents associated with the university. Fees are generally purchased month-to-month, or included in student and faculty fees annually.

For residents not associated with BYU, the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) maintains substantial metropolitan bus routes within and between the cities of Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo and Park City. This service is provided year round and has comparable fees to any other U.S. metro bus or rail.

If resort and airport activity is your primary reason for travel, Riverwoods Shuttle, based in Provo, is the best service. Rates are higher than bus, or light rail, but this shuttle eliminates hassle and provides individualized service to specific locations.

The majority of people in Provo still use personal vehicles for their transportation. The Utah highway system is well maintained and overbuilt for a relatively small population. Metering and parking fees are common in metropolitan areas, but traffic impediments are rare. Utah highway and road safety records are some of the best in the nation, and fuel prices are competitive.

If you are a BYU student, associate or employee, the most economically attractive and quick method of transport around Provo is walking, bicycling, or University transit. If most of your interests are based on core community involvement, the UTA is the clear choice. If Provo is your base for specific recreational and business-oriented meetings and gatherings, a shuttle service is your best choice for affordable and worry-free transportation.


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