Fun Facts About Provo

Fun Facts About Provo

As one of the largest cities in Utah, Provo is home to more than 115,000 people. The city is home to one of the country’s largest private universities, Brigham Young. As a result of the large Mormon population, Provo is also the largest missionary training center for the Church of Latter-day Saints.

Fun Facts About Provo

The city of Provo was founded by a Spanish missionary in 1776. Fort Utah was the city’s first name when it was finally settled in 1849, but it was renamed just a year later after a trapper named Etienne Provost. Since then, Provo has been home to a number of notable residents, including many well-known BYU athletes. Professional dancer, singer and actress Julianne Hough and the Osmond family all made their home here. Notable bands from Provo include Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons and The Osmond Brothers.

An Athletic Venue for the Winter Olympics 2002

There are also plenty of reasons to visit the city of Provo. In 2002, Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics. Provo’s Peaks Ice Arena served as one of the athletic venues, drawing crowds to watch the events. Don’t get too comfortable though. In Provo, you can receive a 50 dollar fine for throwing a single snowball.

In addition, Provo has been ranked by Forbes as one of the top cities in which to raise a family. This might be because it is considered one of the most conservative regions of the country. Nearly all of the city’s residents belong to the LDS church, and many businesses are closed on Sundays as a result.


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