Local Professor Rated as "Hottest College Professor in America"

Did you hear the news? We got a nationwide celebrity in town! What, you know him? He might be your neighbor, or you must've seen him on the streets of Provo, or better yet, you've taken a class from him.

This *hot* professor teaches at BYU and his name has been published everywhere in the last few days. Paul Evans, or, "Brother" Evans if you've actually taken a class at BYU.

Evans Paul

The rating was made at RateMyProfessors.com, a website in which students nationwide can rate their professors with chili peppers. 

The more chili peppers a professor gets, the "hotter" he or she becomes (Hot is good, btw), and this rating is based on the sum of positive and negative ratings. So, Congrats Bro. Evans! In the name of all students with not-so-good professors, *thank you*!

In case you're curious to know who else made it to the top 10 list of *Hottest* Professors in America, I'm leaving the full list below:

1. Paul Evans, Biology, Brigham Young University <---This is him! wohoo!
2. Ruth Dellinger, Mathematics, Florida State College at Jacksonville
3. Thomas Beard, Economics, Auburn University
4. Daniel Norton, Communication, Seattle Central College
5. Barbara Kalvelage, Biology, University of Southern Indiana
6. Nancy Adelson, Real Estate, North Seattle College
7. Corey Manchester, Mathematics & Statistics, San Diego State University
8. Adrienne Alaie, Biology, Hunter College
9. Marsha Lindsay, Humanities, Lone Star College
10. Dana Cantu, English, South Texas College


Sometimes it's good to not know what others think about your professor, but if you've heard too many different opinions about a certain instructor, you might want to check and see what others have experienced in the past. 

*Tip: Make sure you read the comments and not just see the rating. Students might say a certain instructor is "hot" because he or she brought donuts every Friday; which is awesome, but that doesn't define how good or bad he or she actually teaches. On the other hand, (and this happened to me once) a professor had a low rating (two chilis) and some of the comments were like, "he caught me cheating and failed me on the spot," (duh!) or, "He didn't accept late work." The fact that an instructor is strict doesn't mean he or she is a bad professor! After seeing that, I talked to a friend who had taken his class the semester before, and she said, "He is so funny, people would laugh out loud all the time, and he tells a lot of stories so we could remember the terms. Oh, also, he is very, very strict." I ended up choosing him and I must say that he's been one of my best choices!


Have you used RateMyProfessor before?

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