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We are excited to present all Utah County locals to this new section on our blog! We've seen that there a lot of events and fun expos in Utah County happening all the time, and we just love the idea of teaming up with these amazing artists and entrepreneurs who participate in these events, to show a bit more the work they do and where you can shop their products and even get the chance to meet them! Let's support our local artists and entrepreneurs!

Let's Welcome Sir Wylde! 

Sir Wylde.Com Neckties

A few years ago, I was living in Wylde Green, England, as a missionary for my church. Living among the British people opened my eyes to the world of fashion. 

As soon as I returned home, I began working to bring the unique fashion I witnessed in the United Kingdom to American soil. It was quite the adventure. Being completely new to the industry, I didn't know where to start. After much trial and error, I soon learned that in order to be successful, I would have to learn the industry myself. It took a month or so and a few frustrating moments, but eventually, there in my college apartment, I taught myself how to sew the perfect necktie.

Not only did I want to create a good product, but also an inspirational brand. I wanted a company that reeked of beautiful class and style, but also one that held true to the American country I love. Inspired by England, handmade in America. Much like our Founding Fathers I suppose. 

Sir Wylde truly is a dream in the making. As the company grows I plan to continue to keep manufacturing inside the country and also to find ways to benefit the Veterans that protect it. I'm currently designing and setting up manufacturing for additional products to launch in the future. 

We're definitely in the early stages, but the journey has been so much fun. We would love any local support! Check out our site at: Also, you'll be able to find our neckties at the Winter Beehive Bazaar in December or in Perfectly Suited by Garth near Center Street Provo.

PS: Feel free to use the coupon code "" to get FREE SHIPPING on any tie! 


Benjamin Steele
CEO and Founder Sir Wylde


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