Melodies of Yesterday - Saturday, Sept. 24th

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Saturday, Sept. 24th
Covey Performing Arts Center

The show starts at 7:30 at the Covey Performing Arts Center in Provo, UT. Please see for tickets, or search for our Facebook page at Star Gate Music Productions.

Star Gate Music Productions based outside of Chicago, IL presents our "Melodies of Yesterday" Show! This is a brand new production! Melodies of yesterday is a unique live music event that includes virtuosic piano duets and solos accompanied by a 45-piece orchestra. We will be performing alongside the Utah Philharmonic Orchestra. In a world of fleeting musical trends, the era of American music from the 1940s to the 1980s is often overlooked. We want to bring back the legacy of such American originals as Stephen Sondheim, Gene Raskin, John Denver, Eddie Miller, and Paul Simon -- and introduce you to a few lesser-known but equally impressive composers who brought the world some of our most beloved songs


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