Most Unusual Sightings in Provo

Most Unusual Sightings in Provo

So you might think Provo, UT is a pretty boring and dull place, but there are actually some really nice places you probably have yet to fully explore, or probably even see for that matter. If you are planning a trip to or through the Provo area, then you might want to consider adding the following sites to your list of unique and exciting places to visit.

"Guru's Cafe" a Real HOT SPOT!

I bet you didn't know that the famous band Neon Trees lead singer, Tyler Glenn, is from Provo. Aside from Provo being his hometown, he features "Guru's Cafe". Gurus is famous for their blueberry pancakes, Freshly squeezed juice, breakfast burritos, and lively atmosphere. This is a must visit. Their located on - 45 East Center Street Provo, Utah 84606

"The Brigham Young Academy"

You might think what's so special here? But the historic literature behind this monument (as some locals call it) is definitely worth a view, especially if you find yourself engaging in the religious attributes of famous landmarks. In 1875 Provo, Brigham Young Academy was founded. The school eventually grew into Brigham Young University (BYU), which is the most church affiliated school in the United States.

Earth Science Museum

I'm sure we all know that Utah is famous for the Grand Canyon, and among other things, the vast amount of mountainous land. Haven't you ever wondered what roamed the mountains of Utah before people came into existence? That's why you should visit the Earth Science Museum in Provo. You'll see tons of exhibits of fossils and you'll learn about the many head turning facts on vertebrate paleontology.


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