The Music Scene in Provo Utah

The Music Scene in Provo Utah

Music scenes are available all over the world, but there's nothing like the exciting and unique music life that is available to you in Provo, Utah. There are so many different venues to visit related to music scenes in Provo, but if I had to only pick one venue I'd say that the Muse Music Cafe is a must. Located right in the heart of Provo on 151 N. University Ave, and only $7 at the door, you can't beat this hot spot!Provo Music Scene

Not only can you watch some real awesome bands and musical artists here at the Muse Music Cafe, but you also have the opportunity to perform. For instance, Wednesday nights you can perform for only a buck! Yup, that's $1. So if you're an artist looking to reach a larger audience, you can have your chance for only a buck at Muse Music Cafe.

Awesome New Venue

Right down the road, you have another awesome venue (a new one!) Located at 135 N. University Ave. Velour offers a a unique and colorful theme to it's attendees. While always having an awesome show readily available to the patrons.

Just 15 miles North of the above mentioned venues you also have the option to visit quite a few of the local studios. Every musician or band needs a spot to record, and if you're coming to Provo or currently reside in Prove, and haven't found a spot to record, then you really need to DCC records, Bees studios, and even Heftel studios.

Bottom line: Whether you enjoy making music, performing music, or watching a good live show, there's a place for you to be in Provo.


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01/27/2016 4:24pm
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