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Did you know there are 10 temples that are currently under construction, 170 others have been announced?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a new video via the Mormon Newsroom, to show members and non-members learn about the construction of their temples around the world, and what it really takes to build a new temple. 

The video called "The Process of Building a Mormon Temple" is currently available on the Mormon Newsroom Facebook page for everyone to see. In the video you can see parts of the construction process, how they choose the right locations, the right workers, the materials, etc. It's an eye-opening experience for those who don't know anything about the construction of temples, and also for those who are LDS and love their temples but never have thought of all the work and dedication that goes behind the constructions. “We’re building these temples to last into the millennium.” Said Elder Willian R. Walker, Executive Director of the Church’s Temple Department.

First of all, after prayer, and thoughtful consideration, the First Presidency of the Church is able to identify the need for temples, and other logistics such as size, areas (geographical and demographical locations), and exterior and interior designs. Everything is done only to have a well-built temple that will last.

in the video you'll learn the process the Church uses in order to find the best quality materials and to find skilled workers to work on the temples, and most importantly, that every detail is a sign of worship.

Watch the video by clicking on the link above, and learn more about the work and building of temples by visiting The Mormon Newsroom website.

What's the farthest temple you've visited? How was it different than the one closest to you? Share your experiences in the comment section below!


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