The Soap Factory: Fun for Everyone!

I heard about The Soap Factory a while ago, however, I couldn't go and try it myself at that moment. The person who told me about it had just gone there and had made some cool-looking soaps, that's when I knew I had to learn more about this place and then come tell all of you about it! 

The Soap Factory is a fun little shop located in 1394 N Freedom Blvd. What's unique about it though, is that you go over and you create your own soap using any of their molds! (which by the way, they have hundreds!) This fun little shop began as an only-soap-making business, but since this summer they've integrated this awesome idea into food. Yes, you read me right. You can also make amazing-looking chocolates. (Imagine giving this as a gift? Or taking someone there on a date?... I mean, if either of you decide it'll be the first and last date, at least both of you got a chocolate out of it, right?)

The Soap Factory provo

You can find more information about what they do and see hundreds of pictures of the soaps people have made on their Facebook page. But just so you know what's about, here's a brief explanation of the process of making soap:

1. Choose your mold (which you have over 300 options)
2. Choose your essential oils (about 100 options)
3. Choose your mix-ins (dozens of options, from exfoliant to moisturizing)
4. Choose your base color (natural mineral pigments)
5. Pour your soap
6. Unmold your soap when it's cool
7. Paint your soap (natural mineral pigments)
8. You're done! :)

As you can see, you have a lot of options to make your soap unique, between shapes, colors, essential oils, and mix-ins, there are endless possibilities. If you're looking to make chocolate, however, you still have hundreds of options with all their all-natural and organic ingredients. Nothing has artificial additives or preservatives. Anyway, who doesn't like something they've made on their own?

Have you ever been to The Soap Factory? What were your impressions? Share your pictures in the comments for extra cookie points ;)



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