What's So Great about BYU?

What's so Great about BYU?

When it comes to Brigham Young University, many people are trying to figure out what makes the campus and institution such a draw for so many students every year. If this is on your list of possible colleges, perhaps you should take the time to appreciate what draws so many other students in each year.

The first thing that many people seem to discuss is the honor code. This is a mandated behavior approach that blankets every student and faculty member on campus. This strictly forbids the use of drugs or alcohol and even attempts to regulate the pre-marital sex occurrences. While this is hardly the everyday college campus, that in itself is likely quite a positive for a lot of students.

This is a school that is deeply founded in the Mormon faith. So if you are a devout follower, this is a logical choice in the next academic steps. This is a school that is founded upon the same ideals and moral structure by which you are currently living your life as a devout follower of Mormonism.

The high quality of their academia cannot be overstated either. In several areas, BYU offers top programs in the country. One such example of this would be their business college on campus, as it stands to be one of the highest recognized on a national level.

These are just a few reasons that you might consider attending BYU when you head off to school. While their appeal might not draw everyone in, it is quite attractive to a lot of students based on its safer campuses, strict honor codes and religious roots.


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