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Craviotto Drums w/Zildjian Constantinoples & Hardware

Provo, UT

Price $5,300.00

Hello and happy holidays. I've had a recent change of lifestyle so I'm having to sell my recently purchased, nearly new stacked solid Craviotto drum kit. I took these drums out of their boxes only to inspect & photograph.

The shells are stacked-solid with mahogany on top & very rare BIRDSEYE maple on the bottom. With hybrid BB/45 edges. The rounded baseball ball bat bearing edge on the batter (mahogany) side creates a fat warm sound. While the 45 degree edge on the resonant (maple) side adds longer sustain & focus. These innovative edges gives these bop size drums incredible sonic options!
Sizes are:
8x12", 14x14", 14x18", 5.5x14"

Each drum was hand made, numbered & signed by master builder Johnny Craviotto. All original packaging is included.

I'm also including an entire collection of very lightly used Zildjian Constantinople cymbals & an entire hardware setup!
Here's a list:
-22" Zildjian Constantinople Medium Ride
-20" Zildjian Constantinople Bounce Ride
-14" Zildjian Constantinople Hi-Hats
-2 DW Snare stands (3000 series)
-3 DW Cymbal stand (3000 series)
-1 DW Two legged Hi-Hat stand (9000 series)
-1 Sonor Perfect Balance bass drum pedal
-1 Roc & Soc Drum throne

Thank you for looking and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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