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John Deere 826

Provo, UT

Price $400.00

We have 2 John Deere 826 Snow Blowers for Sale. One was ours the other a family members. Both worked great when we parked them for the summer. However, we have not gotten them winter ready for this year so they do not start at the moment. It's an easy thing to fix for someone who has the desire.

We are selling them because we want a smaller snow blower that better meets our needs.

Specifications are:

- 26 Inch Clearing Width.
- 8 HP Engine
- 6 Forward Speeds and 2 Reverse Speeds
- 42" High by 26" Wide by 51" Long
- 12 Inch Tire Size

Contact Details

Days Listed    1627


Phone (801) 502-4298