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Please help me find my kitty

Orem, UT

Hey everyone , I lost my loving cat 3 days ago in Provo at my family s house ..... It's a grey cat with Tuxedo white on his chest,whole stomach and paws.its a short hair/medium hair kitty.and 2 year old , not fixed and goes by whiskey ..... So if anyone see him ,please keep him somewhere warm and contact me ASAP ... I will offer a reward 8018149568 we love him so much and do not want him have to wonder around in the cold and live in the dumpster ...:(
we just moved from draper to orem , so there is possibility he is trying to find way back home, so there are chances he could be in anywhere .... we love him so much , and really appreciate if you can get him back to us

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Phone (801) 814-9568