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PHP Web Developer

American Fork, UT

A 33-year-old local company (American Fork) is seeking a PHP Web Developer to develop and maintain new and existing retail websites and replicated sites. This individual will work in a small development team. This individual will with under a Senior Developer and be responsible for web site and web server maintenance as well as future development. This individual would work with SAAS web applications, other existing websites and shopping cart technology with other mission critical applications including shipping, billing, and purchasing systems. Once familiar with the current systems, code and configuration, developer would take on additional web maintenance and future development responsibilities as assigned by Senior Developer.

1. Develop and maintain website to include content and design using current and efficient programming technologies
2. Plan and execute future maintenance additions or new development projects including updates for changing user or business requirements.
3. Assist in planning long-term growth of existing systems as well as transition to current/future web technologies.
4. Design, develop and integrate clean and intuitive user interfaces for new or existing site features and new projects.
5. Ensure accuracy and consistency of sites
6. Propose tools and make recommendations as needed.
7. Monitor, analyze and address performance issues including code efficiency and server performance.
8. Provide consulting on web technology issues such as security, privacy, and performance.
9. Produce detailed and useful system/code documentation

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