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Piano Teacher

Provo, UT

FUN Piano Lessons! is hiring piano teachers to travel in the Utah Valley area.

If you're willing to teach under the pretense that to have fun at the piano is the foremost important goal for the student, then we'd like to know you!

Teaching experience is a plus, but not required as there is free training!
A degree or currently getting one in music is also a plus, but also not required!
Beginning piano teachers welcome! Even if you're only comfortable teaching beginning piano, you can have as many students as you wish.

- must be willing to travel up to 30 mins away(you get an extra $10/month for every 15 mins of travel) and have reliable transportation
- must know the theory, technique, repertoire, sight reading, ear training, scales, etc for your level you would like to teach, but free training is provided.
- Want students to have fun learning the piano!

Item Details

Part Time
get as many students as you would like!
- make you're own hours and watch it fill up with students!
- 10% commission on books sold to your students.
- $15/ hour plus travel pay!*

Contact Details

Michael Volz  

Phone (801) 877-3555